Down Mexico Way

I told her to take it or leave it. She took it.

I look after myself on the weekends. I cross the border into the U.S. to do my banking and collect my mail from my post office box. On the Mexican side I do most of my shopping and socialize. Guadalupe showed up for work the following Monday. She was quiet again but I don't think she was giving me the silent treatment this time. I didn't worry about it and didn't try to talk to her either. After lunch, I could tell she wanted to talk again but it was up to her to break the silence.

"Do you want to do anything?"

"You mean like last Friday at this same time?" She nodded her head and I said, "No, thanks." She looked kind of surprised that I rejected her and perhaps I injured her pride a bit.

"Are you angry with me?" I shook my head.

"Come sit on my lap and let's talk about it." This time Guadalupe barely hesitated before getting on my lap. I had an arm around her waist and my free hand was caressing her thigh.

"Well," I said. "I know I'm not your husband or your sweetheart. I also know I'm old and ugly. But I paid for the sex. And when I pay a pretty girl for sex I expect her to act like an enthusiastic partner even if she is just acting. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Guadalupe nodded her head.

"I was afraid."

"You don't seem afraid right now." She shook her head.

"You're nicer than my husband." She leaned against my chest and we kissed. I took the opportunity to play with her tits.

"You want me?"

"Yes, but I can't afford to do this often. I'm not a rich man." I'm long past the need to impress anyone so I live simply and always plead poverty. A display of wealth always attracts unwanted attention anyway.

"Let's go to the bed, you ugly old man," Guadalupe said and started giggling. The sex with the young woman that time was a lot better and a lot more fun. I started paying her a little bit extra for the sex. It was great until she had to leave my employment. Her husband sneaked across the border to find work and she had to go back to her family to wait until he could send for her. Her family lived in central Mexico.

Guadalupe made it clear that she'd be glad to move in with me and become my "woman". That sounded too much like marriage. No, thanks.

When I was first exploring the idea of moving down here I made the acquaintance of an expatriate Brit by the name of Colin. We're about the same age. Colin took me under his wing and educated me regarding Mexican law and dealing with the local bureaucracy. He also helped me find a decent and affordable place to live.

Once I got settled in I was invited to dinner at Colin's home and introduced to his girlfriend Maria. Maria introduced me in turn to her girlfriend Lourdes. Lourdes was 40 something and very attractive. She was a middle class Mexican woman who still watched her weight. I'm lousy at guessing weight but she was proportional to her height which was 5'7". Her brunette hair had a reddish tinge to it which told me she colored it. We had a pleasant conversation and I had a feeling Colin and Maria were trying to set me up with Lourdes but I just played it cool. Later on Colin took me to another room while the women chatted.

"What do you think of Lourdes," he asked.

"She's very nice," I replied and didn't say anything else. That just made Colin smile.

"Lourdes is married," he explained, "but has been separated from her husband for the past ten years."

"Ten years is a long time," I replied. "Why don't they get divorced?"

"Because of the church. Mexican marriages seldom end in divorce but that doesn't mean they necessarily stick together and that's the case here. She's in the market for a boyfriend. Are you interested?"

"I'm not sure. I'm glad she's not looking for a husband because I'm not interested. What does Lourdes expect out of this?"

"Lourdes hopes to have a more active social life. She hasn't been out on a date with a man in a while. An occasional cash gift wouldn't be out of line. In return you get a charming dinner partner, intelligent conversation and a bed partner at the end of the evening."

"What are the possible negatives?"

"Absolutely none. You don't have any competition. Mexican men prefer their mistresses quite a bit younger. Her children are grown and have their own lives. Her husband lives in another city and even has another family there."

"What if it doesn't work out? I don't want you and Maria being pissed at me."

"As long as you don't beat the girl I doubt if we'd ever get pissed at you. More than likely Maria would just introduce you to someone else. She has lots of girlfriends."

Lourdes seemed a nice enough lady so I thought I'd give it a try and ask her out. A Mexican woman never has a strange man call on her at her residence unless she wants to get the neighborhood gossips going so we agreed to meet at a neutral spot and then go from there for drinks and dancing.

Lourdes was charming, intelligent, educated and had a career, but she was under no illusion that she could attract a suitable Mexican man for a relationship. Things are changing with the younger generation in Mexico and the divorce rates are rising, but for Lourdes' and older generations divorce was never an option. Also, she couldn't compete against the younger and prettier women that are always available. Lourdes was the kind of woman that might have been grabbed up by an eligible male in the states but not in Mexico.

If anyone asked we were "novios" or sweethearts in this case. That made it okay to be seen together in public. In Lourdes' mind that made it okay for us to sleep together. I would be her escort to events she'd been invited to. She would be my companion if I needed a date. At the end of the evening we would sleep together at my place. Gifts were never mentioned but appreciated. In some ways our relationship was not unlike a commercial transaction, but in this case getting screwed on the deal was something to look forward to. Love wasn't a factor.

One thing Lourdes ruled out immediately was oral and anal sex. I wasn't into anal anyway but I do appreciate a good blow job. I didn't push it though. Mexican women are very traditional when it comes to sex; even the young ones. The woman's pussy was where a guy's dick belongs and nowhere else.

Lourdes brought along an overnight bag that looked like an oversized purse when I took her to my place. I pointed her toward towards the bedroom and bathroom then left her alone to freshen up. In the meantime I took a Viagra to make sure I was up for the task. She came out of the bedroom wearing a slinky blue negligee and I wasn't so sure I needed the little blue pill. Lourdes looked hot!

"You like how I look?"

"I like very much how you look." I led her back to the bedroom and onto the bed. We were soon kissing and caressing and engaging in all that foreplay stuff. Well, I gave the old girl quite a workout with help from the Viagra.

"Enough!" Lourdes cried at one point. "Why won't it go down?"

"Viagra," I admitted.

"That's cheating," she responded with a giggle. "I hope you don't use that stuff every time we're together."

"Only when you want some extra loving," I promised. It was great fun for the two months the affair lasted and I wasn't the one that caused it to end. I called her for a date and Lourdes told me she was going to be busy with her grandchildren and she'd call me when she was free. In the meantime Maria told me Lourdes met an American through another friend and started seeing him but wanted to keep me on the back burner. I know I didn't have any claim on her but I didn't appreciate how Lourdes decided to keep me in the dark and it kind of reminded me of things that led to my divorce.

I thought of various ways of embarrassing her but in the end I decided to play the gentleman. I left a voicemail message telling her I knew about her sneaking around on me and I was ending our arrangement. I told her I left her belongings that she kept at my place with Maria and she could pick them up from her. A couple of weeks later I heard the guy she was going out with dumped her. Lourdes called me all apologetic and wanted to restart our arrangement but I was no longer interested in her. Maria thought Lourdes had been foolish and offered to introduce me to another girlfriend but I begged off. Playing the gentleman actually paid off for me a short time later ... in spades.

I was sitting at a table in a restaurant I liked to frequent when a young lady approached me and said hello. She was Lourdes' youngest daughter Carmen who I had met before. Carmen was married, about 22 years old and spoke English quite well. She was pregnant and had a just visible baby bump. I should mention she was absolutely beautiful. I was suspicious Carmen was here on behalf of her mother but I asked her to join me anyway. We ordered refreshments and chatted a bit. I asked how her mother was doing. I wasn't really interested but I was just being polite.

"I thoroughly disapproved of the way my mother treated you," Carmen said.

"I appreciate that."

"I would never treat you that way."

"Well uh ... if you ever decide to leave your husband please let me know."

"He has left me."


"He's gone abroad on business; to China as a matter of fact." I wasn't surprised. China has been making vast inroads into Mexico. The Chinese were taking business away from stateside businesses right and left.

"How long will he be gone?"

"He wasn't clear on that, but he could be gone as long as 60 days."

"Are we discussing a possible arrangement?"

"Are you interested?"

"I'm very interested but why me? I mean, you could have your choice of men, rich and handsome men willing to do anything to possess you."

"Yes, but that's the problem. Once he possessed me he wouldn't want to let me go. I saw you with my mother. I believe you can be discreet. You won't make a fuss when the affair ends as it must when my husband returns. You won't try to pursue or blackmail me. I think I can trust you."

"You can trust me, but I'm not wealthy. You're probably used to—

"My husband is wealthy but he's quite the tightwad and you'd be surprised at what I'm used to. My mother was quite satisfied with the places you took her and the money you spent on her ... before she got greedy with this other fellow. If you treat me as you did her, I won't complain nor give you any cause to complain."

"I think we'll enjoy each others company." We were in a darkened booth and I placed my hand high on her thigh and gave it a gentle squeeze. It would have earned me a quick slap in the face any other time but I was certain of our understanding. She just blushed and smiled.

"By the way, I hope you're not disgusted by my present condition. It does my husband."

"It has the opposite effect on me. I love pregnant women. My wife and I had three children during our marriage and we had relations almost to the very day she gave birth to each one." I caressed Carmen's baby bump which made her blush even more.

"I'm going to hope my husband stays away even longer than 60 days."

Carmen's husband was gone less than 60 days but we made every day he was gone count. I can't understand how some men are put off by darkened nipples, a belly swelling with a new life growing inside of it. I loved fucking that woman and imagining it was my seed that put her with child. I was falling in love with her but I knew we didn't have any future together. I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to scare her away. In the end it was Carmen who got emotional when we had to part. She called me recently and told me there may soon be another chance for us to be together. I can hardly wait.

These are just a few of my adventures living in retirement south of the border down Mexico way. I might tell you a few more stories if you've been entertained by my experiences. Adios!

The End
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